Turkey Weather

When to go ?

Spring (April – May) – Autumn (September – October) are the best time of the year to travel, since the climate will be perfect sight in Istanbul and on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts for beach holidays, and it will be cool in central Anatolia, but not unpleasantly so. If your primary drive is for beach-bumming, mid-May to September is perfect for the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, if a little steamy out of the water. The Black Sea coast is best visited between April and September – there will still be rain but not so much of it. Head to eastern Turkey from end June to September, but not before May or after mid-October unless you are prepared for snow, road closures and bone-chilling temperatures.

Also, Turkey has a winter tourism season. Uludağ Mountain (Bursa Provience) is best place for skiing in the winter.
Most accommodation along the Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Sea and in some parts of Cappadocia is closed from mid-October until late April. These dates are not set in stone and depend on how the season is going. High season is from July to mid-September, and prices are at their peak.

Anticipate crowds along all coastal areas from mid-June until early September. You will need to plan ahead when travelling during the four- or five-day Kurban Bayrami, as banks shut and ATMs may run out of cash.