Forum Istanbul, Most Biggest Shopping Center (Mall) in Europe


Forum Istanbul Shopping Center, in Bayrampasa

Forum Istanbul
Forum Istanbul

Forum Istanbul offers a total retail and leisure area of approximately 225,000 sq m, offices and residential area of 70,000 sq m, and car parking of 235,000 sq m for a catchment area of about 4.5 million people within a 20 minute journey. The retail center includes stand-alone anchors like IKEA, DIY stores, a hypermarket, an aquarium (Turkuazoo, Turkish first and huge Aquarium ) and department stores.

Forum Istanbul is unique, adding a new dimension to the existing retail market in the region. The scheme offers a contemporary urban experience, interspersed with boulevards, plazas, avenues, courtyards, and monumental buildings. The interplay of these elements produces streets with sweeping views, narrow lanes with shadow and contrasts of scale and public squares with different spatial qualities. A public area with spectacular view, it is suitable for festivals, concerts, markets and sports events.

Office functions and residential are located in an upgraded green area, providing an elegant and park-like surrounding and enhancing the residential atmosphere. Domestic housing blocks are placed to create a community that faces inward, towards the recreational activities area. Interior vistas are formed on the roof’s green terraces. Blocks of varying height provide different settlement options for different economic lifestyle alternatives.

Forum Istanbul (Shopping Plan)
Forum Istanbul (Shopping Centre Plan)

The scheme of Forum Istanbul will provide a contemporary city lifestyle, with boulevards, large buildings, plazas and avenues. The interplay of these different structures will create long views, narrow streets, plenty of shade and an interesting spatial interaction between large and small buildings.

Forum Istanbul will become an important landmark in Europe, attracting shoppers and visitors from all over the Turkey.

Adress: Bayrampasa, Istanbul.

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