Marmaris Travel Guide





Marmaris Travel Guide

Coordinates:  36°51′N 28°16′E

Marmaris is a port city and  tourist destination on the Aegean coast, located in southwest Turkey, in the Muğla Province; with an international atmosphere, exceptional natural beauty of its location, and  it has a great marina and nice night life.

It has around 28 000 inhabitants, however the population can be up to 300,000 during the high season. Marmaris’ main source of  income is tourism.

Get in

Nearest airports served by international airlines are at Dalaman. Dalaman about 1-2 hours away.
Dalaman international airport is 100 KM away from Marmaris.

Visa Information

Tourists from the UK have to buy a Turkish multiple entry visa at the point of entry costing £10 (Bank of England Notes Only) which are valid for 90 days entry ( visits of up to 90 days.)

Where is Marmaris in the map of Turkey?

Where is the Marmaris in Turkey ?
Where is Marmaris in Turkey ?

What to Do?

  • Jeep Safari
  • Turkish Baths – a traditional Turkish bath (Hamam) with sauna, body peel, foam massage and oil massage.
  • Turkish Night Life
  • Yacht Charter in Marmaris
  • Visit the Marmaris Castle
Marmaris, General View
Marmaris, General View.

Climate / Weather

Marmaris has a Mediterranean climate.Winter (mild and mostly sunny) approximately 19 °C (66 °F), summer  (hot and humid) 40 °C (104 °F).

Postal Code: 48700
Phone / Area Code(s) : 252 (Turkey Country Code +90)

Marmaris Photos

Nature of Beauty

Marmaris Yachting
Yachting in Marmaris
Marmaris Beach
Marmaris Beaches
Queen Elizabeth 2, in Marmaris Cruise Port
Queen Elizabeth 2, Marmaris Cruise Port
Phosphorous Cave (Fosforlu Magara)
Phosphorous Cave (Fosforlu Magara)
Marmaris Cruise Port
Marmaris Cruise Port
Yacht in Marmaris Coast
Yachting, Marmaris Coast
Yacht, Sunset
A yacht, at sunset