TurkuaZoo Turkish Aquarium in Forum Istanbul Shopping Center



TurkuaZoo Turkish Aquarium
TurkuaZoo Turkish Aquarium

Europe’s biggest shopping center and residential area Forum Istanbul is in Istanbul and Turkey’s the first colossal aquarium “Turkuazoo” will be in the service .“Turkuazoo” which has the feature of being the first aquarium in the world being located in a shopping center promises to offer a pleasant experimentation to those who expect to spend a rollicking familial time regarding subaquatic world.You will be able to swim in an aquarium together with sharks if you have the courage.

Diving with sharks !

“Turkuazoo” endearing the sea and sea animals to kids causes the adults to experience some moments full of excitement .You don’t need to go to Capetown or to the further most place in the world.

Coming to Turkuazoo you could dive with sharks or reach the top excitement.In addition ,our sharks are completely tame and without being in any trouble you can become friends with them or you may even take photos.

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Do you want more than ten thousand sea animals to be present in your wedding ceremony except your guests ? Here offers Turkuazoo that facility too.Wedding ceremonies , birthday parties, demonstration meetings and your other special days …
Turkuazoo is ready for hosting if you wish to draw attention ,be extraordinary , be talked much about , cause your guests to experience unforgettable moments …Turkuazoo is together with you if you think about doing some crazy things like getting married diving into the aquarium !

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