Health and Safety

Health and Safety Turkey

Most travelers comment on the friendliness and hospitality of the Turkish people. It is really extraordinary.
Turkey is not only friendly, it’s as safe as Europe and North America, although no place is completely safe in the world.


There is a significant threat from terrorism in Turkey and there have been a number of terrorist incidents, including small explosions, around the country, including in Istanbul and the capital that is Ankara. Kurdish militant groups, as well as international terrorist groups, are currently active in Turkey and further attacks against the tourism industry in particular are likely. The Turkish economy is heavily reliant on tourism, which Kurdish separatists have repeatedly threatened to target. There are continuing incidents of local terrorism in Eastern Turkey, particularly the south east. But generally Safety..

Crime in the streets are relatively low although visitors should guard their valuables at all times. A number of sexual assaults have been reported in coastal tourist areas.

Health – Medical services

Private health insurance is recommended. For minor problems, it’s customary to ask at a chemist/pharmacy (Turkish: Eczane) for advice. Ensure you know the generic name of your medicine; the commercial name may not be the same in Turkey. The word for hospital is ‘Hastane’. Many Turkish doctors speak a foreign language (or English), particularly at major hospitals.

Emergency Telephone Numbers

Police 155
Medical 112
Fire 110
Gendarmerie 156 ( Army Police for Rural places)
Coast Guard 158

All these numbers are free of charge and can be called from a telephone booth without inserting a calling card, or any phone including cell phones.