About Turkey

About Turkey

Turkey as a country occupies a location between Europe and Asia.

Map of Turkey
Map of Turkey

Since Turkey is the last piece of the large Ottoman Empire that dominated much of  North Africa, the Middle East, and southeastern Europe , its  geographical position has had an essential effect in Turkish history.

Turkey officially known as the Republic of Turkey is situated in the northern hemisphere in which the two continents, Europe and Asia join. The majority of  its territory stretches out over the Anatolian peninsula, while the rest lies on the Thrace that is the edge of the Balkan peninsula. Three sides of the country is surrounded by sea; the Mediterranean Sea is to the south; the Aegean Sea and Archipelago are to the west; and the Black Sea is also to the north. And the surrounding countries are Bulgaria, Greece, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Syria and Iran.

Turkish Kids
Turkish Kids

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Regions in Turkey

  • Marmara (region) – (Marmara Bölgesi)
  • Aegean Turkey  – (Ege Bölgesi)
  • Mediterranean (region) – (Akdeniz Bölgesi)
  • Black Sea Turkey – (Karadeniz Bölgesi)
  • Central Anatolia – (İç Anadolu Bölgesi)
  • Eastern Anatolia  – (Doğu Anadolu Bölgesi)


  • Istanbul – Turkey’s largest city, and the only city in the world to straddle two continents. West Asia and Southeastern Europe.
  • Ankara – the capital of Turkey and its second largest city in Turkey.
  • Antalya – the fastest growing city, center of the beach resorts. (Located South of the Turkey. Always warm city in a year.)
  • Bursa – the first capital of the Ottoman Empire on the foothills of Mt. Uludag, a national park and a winter sports resort.
  • Edirne – the second capital of the Ottoman Empire.
  • Izmir – Turkey’s third largest city, and also it is touristic place for summer.
  • Konya- a Central Anatolian city, former home to Rumi, and the site of his tomb.
  • Sinop – an ancient fortress and port city on the northernmost tip of Anatolia.
  • Trabzon – the wonderful Sumela Monastery is just outside the city and it is a great gateway to exploring the Turkish Northeast.


  • Highest Peak :  Ararat, 16,946 feet (5,165 meters).
  • Largest Lakes : Iznik, Beysehir, Egridir,  Tuz, Van.
  • Major Rivers : Gediz, Ceyhan,  Buyuk Menderes, Yesilirmak, Sakarya,Seyhan, Kizilirmak.
  • Mountain Ranges : Taurus, Istranca, Pontic,
  • Largest Lakes : Beysehir, Egridir, Iznik, Tuz, Van.

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