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Top Five Historical Attractions of Bodrum

Top Five Historical Attractions of BodrumBodrum on the Aegean coast of Turkey has been inhabited by humans for thousands of years, and was the...

Dalaman Activities

Dalaman Activities; With its sandy beaches and scorching sun, Turkey has become more and more popular amongst travelling Brits. With everything from all inclusive...

Fun Facts and Information About Turkey

Turkey: The Land of Timeless Marvels and Mementos Where else on the planet can you see a landscape filled with fabled palaces, ruined castles, and...

Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture

" Most inspiring city in the world " Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture will further inspire you with its contemporary art and urban culture. Why...

Forum Istanbul, Most Biggest Shopping Center (Mall) in Europe

Forum Istanbul Shopping Center, in BayrampasaForum Istanbul offers a total retail and leisure area of approximately 225,000 sq m, offices and residential area...

TurkuaZoo Turkish Aquarium in Forum Istanbul Shopping Center

TurkuaZooEurope’s biggest shopping center and residential area Forum Istanbul is in Istanbul and Turkey’s the first colossal aquarium “Turkuazoo” will be in the service...